Relapse Prevention

Midlands Mental Health Clinic offers a Relapse Prevention Workshop for individuals in Mullingar, Portaloise and Tullamore. Change is possible – let us empower you.

Midlands Mental Health Clinic has developed this relapse prevention programme for anyone struggling with the thought of an addiction relapse. The aim of the programme is to keep you out of the woods and finally living a healthy life.

Our workshop is centred around recognising and therefore understanding the patterns and emotions that lead to a relapse. We can show you how to anticipate and subsequently control the threat of a relapse. In addition, we will also show you what to do if you find yourself at the edge.

We offer an 8-week relapse prevention programme in Mullingar, Tullamore and Portlaoise.

Relapse Prevention Workshop: Outline

  • Week 1
    Introduction: Stages of relapse and also dealing with change
  • Week 2
    What do I believe substances do for me?
  • Week 3
    Dealing with triggers
  • Week 4
    Identifying auto thoughts and managing cravings
  • Week 5
    Instrumental strategies(planning activities)
  • Week 6
  • Week 7
    Stages of change and revision
  • Week 8
    Strategies for looking after yourself and asking for support

During our Relapse Prevention Workshop, each participant will have the option to sign up to our online workbook which helps them keep track of their automatic thoughts and unhelpful thinking.

Relapse Prevention Workshop Handouts

Each week participants receive handouts relevant to that weeks’ session, courtesy of the Clinic.

These range from simple inspirational messages to more detailed information on:        

  • Dealing with triggers
  • Tips on coping with a personal crisis
  • Identifying auto thoughts
  • Publications on addiction
  • Strategies for looking after yourself and supports.

Midlands Mental Health Clinic run regular Relapse Prevention Courses in Portlaoise, Mullingar and also in Tullamore.

Furthermore, to find out more about upcoming relapse prevention workshops and courses click here and fill out our contact form. We’ll be in touch with you soon.

Upcoming Courses for Relapse Prevention

We offer a choice of either an evening or morning course as follows:


  • Monday mornings: 2018 – Dates to follow
    Time: 9.45-11.30am


  • Monday evenings: 2018 – Dates to follow
    Time: 7.15-9.00pm


Alternatively, you may wish to work one-to-one with us. This subsequently lets you choose which days and times suit you for a more personalised course.