Introduction to Mindfulness

Midlands Mental Health Clinic offers an introductory Mindfulness Workshop to help bring mindfulness into your daily living. Change is possible – let us empower you.

In this 6 week ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ programme, participants will learn how to to apply the art of mindfulness in their day to day lives.

Sometimes, the everyday stress in our lives can become overwhelming. If you’re finding it a challenge to cope in healthy ways, then this course is just what you need.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the art of awareness and being present in your life. It teaches healthy, positive practices to get you back to zero when stress takes over.

This mindfulness workshop will teach you different tips, tricks and techniques to bring mindfulness into your daily life. You’ll learn how to recognise triggers and respond in a positive, resilient way.

How Can a Mindfulness Workshop Help Me?

The mindfulness workshop allows people to develop presence, awareness and insight leading to a greater capacity to deal with life’s challenges and changes. You’ll learn things about yourself that you’d forgotten, or never even discovered.

This is a skills-based, practical and educational course which teaches you how to direct your  attention to the “here and now” and help reduce anxiety and stress.

Living life in a state of anticipation or anxiety isn’t fun – being mindful can change that.  In our mindfulness workshop you will learn about the theory of mindfulness and you will explore and practice a variety of practices that you can easily bring into your daily life.

You will acquire tools and techniques to help you to become more appreciative of each moment in your life and to find a greater sense of joy and compassion towards yourself and others.

Mindfulness Workshop Information

  • 6-Week group course costs €130 payable on booking.
  • Workshops available in Portlaoise, Mullingar and Tullamore
  • Get in touch to book onto our next 6-Week Course:

A choice of either an evening or morning course is available as follows:

  • Portlaoise:
    • Tuesday mornings: 2018 – Dates to follow
      Time: 9.45-11.30am
    • Tuesday evenings: 2018 – Dates to follow
      Time: 7.15-9.00pm


  • Mullingar:
    • Thursday mornings: 2018 – Dates to follow
      Time: 9.45-11.30am


  • Tullamore:
        • Evenings:– Dates to follow
        • Time: 7.15pm – 9.00pm
        • Duration: 6 weeks


Alternatively you may wish to work one-to-one with a counselor. This lets you choose which days and times suit you for a more personalised course.

For more information on our mindfulness workshop and other workshops, please click here to fill out our contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.