Our Message

A Message from our Founder:

As with a jigsaw, we sometimes need help to put the pieces of our life together. It can feel extremely difficult to ask for assistance or even to admit to ourselves that we need it in the first place.

The aim of this organisation is to let people know they are not alone in struggling with aspects of their mental well-being. We are here to offer non-judgemental and practical advice to anyone who needs it.

Mental health is as important as physical health and the two are often interlinked, yet too many people spend most of their lives avoiding the subject – even with those closest to them. Pretending something is not an issue has rarely, if ever, solved a problem. There is no shame in struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction or with a relationship etc. These everyday struggles are as commonplace around the world as a cold or a headache, if not even more so.

If we are physically sick or in pain, we go to see a doctor. If we are worried about our teeth, we go to the dentist. However, if we are unhappy, too often – in Ireland especially – we deny ourselves support because of the outdated, backwards stigma that can be attached.

Almost everybody has fought with aspects of their mental health, but because we refuse to talk about it, those who are struggling badly can feel like they’re desperately alone.  This is to detriment of so many individuals, families and, indeed, wider society.  At the Midlands Mental Health Clinic, our primary aim is to tackle this ongoing issue by promoting the benefits of being more open about mental well-being within our respective lives, be that amongst our friends, family, community, workplace and so on.

Part of this effort will involve information campaigns and group workshops that will help prevent issues where possible and also guide people in the right direction if they’re already struggling. Of course, we also provide counselling to individuals, families and other groups for a wide array of issues.

If you do feel alone or in need of advice regarding mental health, please do get in contact. To contact me personally, you can use the details under my name or, for general queries, via the relevant button below.

Thank you for reading.

Séamus Sheedy
Founder and Clinical Director of Midlands Mental Health Clinic
Email: seamus@midlandsmentalhealth.com
Phone: 087 292 33 68
Skype Username: Seamus.Sheedy1